Use the cheat engine to edit a player and the team training level

Today Lord Shiva shares some interesting results of his research.

In a previous post, I introduced you how to use the cheat engine with a simple example. Today, let’s go to the next level: editing players and the team level while the game is running. The below topic is written by Lord Shiva.

WARNING: remember to make a backup of your savegame before editing it with the below instructions.

1- Changing player

a) Find the player you wish to edit, I will use a player from my team (Barnet) as example.

b) Search for first 4 values in cheat engine using ‘array of bytes’ value type, you can see his keeping is 12, tacking 57, passing 38, shooting 25, so we search for ’12 57 38 25′ , also dont forget to uncheck ‘hex’

c) Right click on the search result and click ‘browse memory region’, here you will see the code for the player, i have highlighted in red the code for Jonathan Ford

d) Edit the player, I gave you 100 as example and change your name

e) Return to game and change the screen and go back to the player
100 value will reduce to 99 when you progress in game.

Just for your information, you can see in the below picture the mapping of the players differents values and skills:

2- Changing Team Training level

Changing the team skills is much easier thanks to the file created by Lord Shiva.
First, download it here.
Then, unzip the file inside your Cheat Engine folder.
After that, just click on the open button of the Cheat Engine, and load the file you unzipped (Training.CT).

The content will appear:

As we learned in our first topic about the cheat engin (see above), you can edit the value of each training field in the below part of the screen. When done, you can go back to the game, go back to the training screen and see the results.

How to run USM on modern OS

This small topic sum-up all the different ways you have to play at your favorite game on modern computers. But if you don’t want (or are not able to) spend too much time on it, we have a complete tutorial available here. It will need one little hour of your time, perhaps a little bit more if you are not prepared.

USM1 & 2

You can play the first and second versions of Ultimate Soccer Manager easily on modern computers with the following solutions.


Usable on 

DosBox is an x86 DOS emulator, easy to use. It perfectly runs these old version of USM.

Emulation with VMware

Usable on

You can use VMware to set a virtual machine running Windows 3.1 or 9.x (recommanded version).

USM 98

Windows compatibility tool

Usable on 

Applicable on Windows XP, and according to some reports, on Windows 7 and 8.x, the Microsoft compatibility tools enable to run the game properly.

Emulation with VMware

Usable on

You can use VMware to set a virtual machine running 9.x. I have personnaly been using this way with Windows 98 Second Edition for years, there is only a very minor issue with the cursor. Not a real problem.

Using Wine

Usable on 

Wine is an Unix-based application which make the Microsoft Windows API accessible to some applications. It is an already 10+ years old project which enable to run hundreds of applications and games, including USM98, on your Linux or your Mac.

Using Wine on an emulated Linux with VMware

Usable on 
If you a have a PC running Microsoft Windows and don’t want to buy a licence of Windows 9.x, this could be the solution. Set-up a virtual machine running a light version of Linux (in this case, I recommend Lubuntu), and set-up Wine on it to run USM98.

How to contribute

Do you desire to contribute to the community? Tha’ts quite simple. Below is a short list of what you could provide:

  • the basics: commenting existing post ;
  • tutorials (using the games, tools, update… but also tactics and global strategies) ;
  • data (tools, patchs, data update / modification…) ;
  • declare bugs (in the site, in the game) ;
  • stories (logbook of one of your game)
  • and many other things: do not hesitate to give new ideas!

The first step: to register

The first step is to register to create an account: it is automatic and with immediate effect. With this account, you can comment posts.

To be an author

If you wan to be an author by writing tutorials, tactics etc. Once registered, send me an email (via the contact page or via Facebook), and I will change the status of your account to enable you to create posts. At the beginning, your posts will need approval, but the confidence coming with time, this restriction will be removed and you will be a full member of the team!

How to write?

Once your account is validated as an author, login and … write. Just once request: please attribute your post to the correct category: tutorials in the tutorials one, tactics in the tactics one…

Note that if you want to submit data, for example an update, send me it by email: I will add it in to the downloads section, and link it to the tutorial you wrote about it.


To declare bugs in (the game or in the site), just send an email. For those in the game, it will be added in the corresponding section by the admin.

How to change the amount of your bank account

The cheat engine is a free software that enable you to, how to say, work around some concepts, in other words, to cheat.

An important thing to remind: using such kind of software is not a problem when playing alone against the computer at home. But using it with official software, connected applications or games, break the licence agreement and sometimes can lead to legal persecution.

Let’s go back to the tutorial.
The main idea is to launch your game, launch the cheat engine, and edit memory. For example, in a FPS, you can edit your stock of ammunition, your life level… Below is an practical example with the game USM98-99.

Note that there is many version of the Cheat Engine. If you are using a modern OS like Windows 10, you should download the last version on their official site. Otherwise, if you are like me and playing in an emulated environment with, let’s say, Windows 98, you have to use the old version of the cheat engine, available here. The tutorial below is written while using this old version. Let’s go, it is very simple and short.

First of all, start your game, and check the exact amount of your bank account:

USM account balance

Now, leave this screen and go elsewhere in the game.

Then press alt-tab to get back to Windows without leaving the game. Here, launch the cheat engine:

Launching the Cheat Engine

Next, click on the little computer with a magnifying glass on it:

Launching the scan

Here a list of the running applications appears: select the game :

It’s time to search in the memory for the exact value of your bank account: enter the value and search.
Something has been found: double click on the green value on the left:

Now, it’s time to edit it: double click on the value and change it.

Change the value

Validate your entry, and get back to the game, to check your new bank amount:

Your bank amount

That’s done!